Sleep: too much or too little

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Tonight we gain an hour’s sleep as we turn the clocks back an hour, returning to standard time.
Perhaps, getting a much-needed extra hour of sleep — in other words, an attempt to catch up (if only for a night),
from a chronically sleep-deprived life.
Poor sleep habits disrupt more than our schedules.
An imbalanced sleep schedule also disrupts the level of the hormone cortisol in our bodies [see earlier post about stress].

Staying up late causes levels to surge at a time of day when the level normal tapers in preparation for sleep.
However, too much sleep (in excess of 7-8 hours) causes problems too.
Studies by the journal Sleep how found that either too little,
or too much sleep can result in a decline in cognitive function.
The study also found that too much, or too little sleep may cause the following:

— increased risk of cardiovascular disease
— cognitive decline
— weight gain
— excess snacking
— hormone imbalance
— increased risk of diabetes
— increased risk of psychiatric disorders

Obviously the key here is a balanced and regular sleep schedule,
by developing healthy sleep habits.


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