Unclothed (nude) classes that are open to all men: straight, gay, bi-sexual, and male-identified trans men.

Empowering yoga classes that are free from the layer of ego and superficiality that is our clothing — it evens out the playing field. The classes requires us to answer to deeper questions surrounding trust, body-image, and acceptance. For men, this can help to dismantle the stifling stress of competition, and the struggle for power. The classes both challenge, and embolden practitioners to be less attached to appearances, and more in tune to their own bodies. We literally step out of our comfort zones. The practice is then less externally motivated, and more internally guided. Classes is for men 18 years and older. All students MUST bring their own mats (for hygienic reasons), plus a towel.


BODY-FREEDOM YOGA for MEN: Classic Practice — This yoga class is both an excellent start for beginners, or any man seeking to cultivate an ongoing yoga practice.  Classes open with a centering meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques), transition to beneficial postures and stretches to awaken the body, then transition to more energizing poses, featuring standing & balancing postures. Classes include twists, some inversions with options to suit all students, and finish with grounding poses that complete your yoga practice. Focus is placed upon inner awareness and potential. This class is open to men of all levels.

BODY-FREEDOM YOGA for MEN: Restorative — This is a slower-paced class, with more time between poses. Emphasis is placed upon breath, harmonizing the overactive mind, and fostering a greater sense of calm. Movements are with intention, and postures are held for an extended time to connect with the emotional and energetic subtleties. An excellent class for anyone new to yoga. It is also beneficial for those who are fit, but lack flexibility. However, it is ideal for those with a strong yoga practice, but seek to balance their lives with a deeper, more contemplative yoga experience. Perfect for anyone needing a relaxing or restorative class. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, honor their boundaries and capabilities, intensify postures when desired, or find stillness when appropriate. Classes begin with an opening meditation, and come full circle to close.

BODY-FREEDOM YOGA for MEN: Power Flow — This is a workshop incorporating many of the postures you may already be familiar with, linked into fluid movement, synchronized to our breath. The Body-Freedom classes are open to all men. This class will be instructed toward a strong workout, so students will need to modify their personal practice according their individual needs.

Exact dates/times may vary, please check current schedule for up-to-date information, and online registration.
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Drop-ins:  $20 (or $25)