YOGA for EVERYONE (60 minutes) —  A yoga class that creates an environment for students to explore the benefits of individual yoga asanas, with or without the use of props. Students can build balanced strength and stamina when postures are properly executed. All classes open with a centering meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques), then transition to more energizing poses, featuring standing & balancing postures. Classes include twists, some inversions with options to suit all students, and finish with grounding poses that complete your yoga practice. Focus is placed upon inner awareness and potential. This class is open to students of all levels.

CLASSICAL HATHA YOGA (60 minutes) —  This class is taught in a classical hatha yoga style that combines sun salutations (breath, linked with movement), balancing postures, restorative poses, with an emphasis on breath. This class is open to all, but some yoga experience is beneficial. The class is taught by Suguna Sridhar.

YOGA MOVEMENT  (75 minutes) —  This is a class that incorporates creative, intuitive body movements, variations on familiar vinyasa sequences, plus harmonious qi gong movements  — all at an unhurried pace. A mellow, flowing class that links breath to movement. Plus, a slower, more methodical approach to movement allows for greater time to embrace each point in the sequence. This class helps to build balanced strength and increased flexibility. Poses are fluidly linked, with greater precision and alignment-emphasis, into a flow that empowers each student to explore the full range of their potential. This class is for both seasoned practitioners and newer students.

YIN, REIKI, and SOUND HEALING  (75 minutes)–   Go deeper into your practice with a selection of yin yoga postures,  relaxing sound therapy frequencies (including a gong), plus reiki to enhance the healing process.  Each class will include a 11-15 minute meditation (some with mantra) followed by a deep and restful Sound Healing Savasana to integrate the practice.  This class is led by instructor, Dhyanjot. The class is held on the first three Mondays of the month. It is included in all memberships and class packages.

COSMIC LIGHT TRAVEL & SOUND HEALING  (75 minutes)– The group sound healing will begins with a 15-minute intentional meditation, plus some light seated movements to prepare the body for relaxation, followed by a 60-minute sound healing session which includes a 15-20 minute cosmic light travel experience, for groups of up to 4 people at a time. This experience is a separate cost, and is not included in memberships or class packages. The cost is $20, payable in cash at the door. The event is limited to 12 people. This experience is led by instructor, Dhyanjot. This event is held on the 4th Monday of the month. Please note: As this is a meditative event with participants lying on the ground, please bring your own pillow, and blanket for comfort. 

YOGA in the JAPANESE FRIENDSHIP GARDEN  (60 minutes)–  This class is not part of  North Park Yoga’s offerings.  However, it is a weekly class led by Timothy Schultheis on Thursday mornings in the Japanese Friendship Garden, in San Diego’s Balboa Park. Class fees are paid at the garden’s office. Proceeds from class fees go toward the garden’s ongoing maintenance and expansion projects. The fee for this class is only $8 for non-garden members, or $6 for garden members. This is a class for students of all levels. The class is held in various places within the garden depending upon the weather: outdoors next to the garden’s koi pond, on rainy, or excessively cold days the class is held indoors in the garden’s exhibit gallery, or down in the canyon next to the new pavilion. The class is from 9:00-10:00 am before the garden opens to the public. So, enter through back gate alongside the organ pavilion. Students must bring their own mats, and water.

GENTLE YOGA (60 minutes)   A slower-paced class, with more time between poses. Emphasis is placed upon breath, harmonizing the overactive mind, and fostering a greater sense of calm. Movements are with intention, and postures are held for an extended time to connect with the emotional and energetic subtleties. An excellent class for anyone new to yoga. It is also beneficial for those who are fit, but lack flexibility. However, it is ideal for those with a strong yoga practice, but seek to balance their lives with a deeper, more contemplative yoga experience. Perfect for anyone needing a relaxing or restorative class. Students are encouraged to listen to their bodies, honor their boundaries and capabilities, intensify postures when desired, or find stillness when appropriate. Classes begin with an opening meditation, and come full circle to close.

YOGA: OPEN STUDIO (60 minutes)–  An hour-long open studio where students can drop in to work on their own personal practice, and make use of the studio’s space and props.  There will be no talking, and no instruction. Practitioners must arrive at start of session (to prevent noisy doors opening/closing), however, yogis may leave before the hour finishes (no multiple in/out).  People will practice at their own discretion, and own direction. Drop-ins will be $10 (however, this class will be included in all unlimited monthly memberships.)

YIN YOGA (60 minutes)–  In a world of opposites and contrasts, we seek balance. A slower yoga yoga practice provides a complement to more dynamic & vigorous yang styles of yoga. The student is invited to slow down and create space for space for breathe while protecting joints, ligaments, tendons and fascial release. Most pose are low to the ground, and are held for longer periods. Energetically, yin poses help to open the body’s meridian system, enhancing energy flow. The class employs use of props such as blankets, blocks, straps, and a wall to access postures.