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Now is the time.


NORTH PARK YOGA has expanded! Join us for the open house Saturday, April 16th, 2016. 6:00 – 8:00 pm Live music from local artist, Jesus Gonzalez 3063 University Avenue, Suite 100 (above Controversial Bookstore) View the event on Facebook here


SPRING CLEANING. The words themselves seem like a fresh start. Spring cleaning is usually a time to throw open the windows, air out our living space, and thoroughly clean our homes. ‘Spring cleaning’ can be an opportunity to clean and organize other

Give the gift of yoga…

GIVE THE GIFT OF YOGA   Gift Certificates are now available through the holidays, in the following packages: One Month of Yoga (12 classes) — $80 3-Class Package — $45 10-Class Package — $120 Gift certificates may be purchased at

Support Small Businesses (and yoga studios!)

SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY Celebrate and encourage small businesses! When you support small local businesses, everyone wins — you receive quality goods & services from local businesses, plus your dollars help your community to thrive! NORTH PARK YOGA is offering membership

a ‘disciplined’ yoga practice…

  If we have time for Facebook, we have time for yoga — do we not? The mind is rich with opportunities to rationalize our actions — or inaction– and takes refuge in all types of resistance to a consistent, disciplined

Sleep: too much or too little

            Tonight we gain an hour’s sleep as we turn the clocks back an hour, returning to standard time. Perhaps, getting a much-needed extra hour of sleep — in other words, an attempt to catch up (if only

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New Moon on Sunday

With New Year’s resolutions still two months away, and this year’s resolutions a distant, forgotten memory, have we become bitter, weary, and overwhelmed with stress over all the chaos and negativity in the world right now? Whether it’s anxiety over

Can Stress Actually Kill You?

Quite possibly, it can. But, falling just short of death should not be a happy alternative either. (This is when I insert my sermon about what yoga is and isn’t.) Yes, physical asanas (yoga postures) can help build strength, stamina,

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Waiting for the right time to begin a yoga practice? Well, there’s no time like the present!   NORTH PARK YOGA has a spontaneous, unscheduled, free LIGHT VINYASA Class — tomorrow only! Sunday, October 20th 9:30 -10:30 am This class is open to